Droid Charge Recovery Tool


The Droid Charge doesn’t seem to have an easy way to recover once you have an issue with the OS.  There is a tool available though get your Droid Charge back to the stock platform if you have no other choice.

Why Recover your Droid Charge?
To be honest we all love Android but with freedom there is also the chance you can mess things up or install something that you just can’t figure out how to get rid of.  Even those aside most of us like to root our devices and we wont even go over all of the issues that can cause if your not careful.  So here it is, an easy way to get your Droid Charge back to its stock “out of the box” condition youself.

Droid Charge Recovery Boot Tool:

  • Download Droid Charge Recovery Boot Tool
  • Unzip to any place on the computer
  • Connect phone in USB debugging mode
  • Open Droid_Charge_Recovery_Boot_Tool Folder
  • Click on Droid_Charge_Recovery_Boot_Tool batch file
  • Follow directions as prompted on screen

This tool was not created by Android Advice and we don’t take any responsibility for its use.  This recovery tool is here strictly in the event you have no other choice. (although I don’t see any issues with it at the moment).

<a href=”http://droidxcon.moregeekforless.com/Droid_Charge_Recovery_Boot_Tool.zip” rel=”nofollow”>Download Droid Charge Recovery Tool</a>

Keep in mind that when doing anything like this there is a risk of damaging your device.  This being said we have attempted this twice on the same device from start to finish to test it out and everything went smooth.  Make sure however that you have some backup plan in the event there is an issue.  You can also post any issues or questions you have here in the comments and we will do our best to help so that the process to recover your Droid Charge is as seamless as possible.