Flash Motorola Atrix back to Stock


Flash your Motorola Atrix back to stock.  This is used for either fixing a bricked phone, if you need to return a rooted phone, or flashing back so that you can root and update your phone from scratch.


Flash Guide (Instructions)

  • Turn your phone off and remove the microSD and SIM cards
  • When you turn the phone on hold the volume up button until your screen shows RSD
  • If the phone says “Starting RSD protocol support” you have done it correctly
  • Run the RSD Lite program you downloaded earlier on your computer
  • Press the “…” button to the right of the Filename box.
  • Load the SBF file that you downloaded and extracted earlier.
  • Plug your phone into your computer via USB
  • RSD Lite should now recognize your phone and say “Model: NS Flash Olympus” and “Connected”
  • Press the Start button and be patient as its about a 20 minute process give or take
  • YOU’RE ALL DONE (enjoy you phone again)

Reported Issues or Problems

  • Some users experiencing WiFi connectivity weirdness
  • SIM-unlocked devices may still have WiFi problems
  • Market might not show all applications (easy fix on the way)

As always we aren’t responsible for anything that happens from this information as its just a guide for people who have already bricked or messed up their phone some other way.  We don’t condone using this guide we have just posted it for those that want to play with it.


Original post can be found at: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991072

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  1. Thank you for this post. I accidentally updated my phone to 4.1.57 not realizing I couldn’t root it from there without Gladroot. I saw this originally at XDA but didn’t understand it that well. Thank you for making it easier. I used your steps in the blog and now have my phone back to 1.26. All I have to do now is run gladroot and ill be where I need to.

    • I personally had a bricked phone from modifying my phone with webtop after rooting it so didn’t personally have an issue with Gingerblur. I have however had a few people tell me that to get a true “back to stock” to use the directions in this blog and then run the normal reset via the phone itself after. This method should remove everything from your phone and make it an out of the box installation. If you do this please let me know the outcome.

  2. how do i fix issue, when i start my phone, it says “Failed to boot 1” i dont know how to fix this, please help