How to Root HTC Sensation 4G


These are the easy to follow instructions for rooting the HTC Sensation 4G.  While we have had great luck with this method please be aware that you follow these instructions at your own risk.  The HTC Sensation 4G is currently one of the most popular android phones of 2011.

Your device must also be s-off in order for the instructions below to work.  Most of the Sensations are s-on although once we have found a way to turn s-off on all sensations we will add that to these instructions.

Root Instructions for the HTC Sensation 4G:

  1. Download and install “Revolutionary” (found at
  2. Finish using Revolutionary to unlock the bootloader then continue here
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode on your phone (settings … applications … development … check USB Debugging mode)
  4. Make sure USB debugging is enabled
  5. Make sure you have an SD card formatted and in the phone
  6. Transfer the APK on the phone and install it (download the apk here)
  7. Open the APK and press the root button
  8. Wait a few minutes and the device will reboot, be patient it can take a while (10 minutes or so)
  9. Make sure the Superuser app is install and working
  10. Congrats your HTC Sensation is Rooted!
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    • It only works with s-off devices. While there aren’t many out there right now it works. Although once there are instructions for turning s-off they will be added to these instructions.

  1. hi,
    how to unlocke the bootloader?can any one explain this senario which is S-OFF and S-ON how;s it works and how can i make it root my htc sensation.plz explain in detail.i really appriciated it.
    thanx and regards.cuz i never rooted the any phones but i want to …thanx and regards.

  2. Hey, I can’t find the path to the USB Debugging function… I think I need this in order to root my HTC Sensation 4G, but I just can’t find it… can you please guide me. much appreciated!