How to Root Samsung Infuse 4G


The Samsung Infuse 4G is by far one of the most popular Android Phones this year. With so many users of this smartphone there is no doubt that a root method would exist. We have played with this phone and think any power user of Android Phones would consider this as a choice. Of course anyone in the Android community that owns a phone like this will either want it rooted or already have it rooted. If you are one of those that want to root your Samsung Infuse 4G we have the method below.

Root Instructions:

  1. Download the latest file to your Windows computer (download link)
  2. Extract the files from the .zip file into a new folder on your PC.
  3. turn on USB debugging (Settings -> Applications -> Development- > click USB Debugging)
  4. Plug your phone in to your PC via USB
  5. Open the folder with SuperOneClick and double click “SuperOneClick.exe”.
  6. Allow the process to run and enjoy being rooted.

We have rooted two Samsung Infuse 4G’s ourselves and have seen many other users saying that this root method works. We are however not responsible for your use of this information and have to tell you that you assume all risks of following the steps above.


  1. im trying to get my infuse to root using superoneclick, but APP keeps freezing on the computer… should I just wait and see what happens or, CTRL ATL DELTE?