How to Root the Toshiba Thrive


Toshiba ThriveIf you have a Toshiba Thrive you are in luck, it has been rooted. These instructions aren’t completely cleaned up but it has been tested on two Thrive’s by the developer.

These instructions are meant for users with an intermediate knowledge of Android SDK, Fastboot and the ClockworkMOD.  These root instructions are provided by us but you use them at your own risk.  Please keep in mind that we are in no way responsible for any modifications you try on your device.

You need to have the Android SDK and Toshiba Thrive drivers already on your computer.  Also you must know how to use Fastboot.

Root Instructions for the Toshiba Thrive:

  1. Download ClockworkMod Recovery (Download Link)
  2. Download modified Boot.img to make system read-write (Download Link)
  3. Place the 2 files into your android-sdk/tools folder
  4. If you don’t have AdbWinUSB.dll and AdbWinAPI.dll copy those from the platform-tools folder as well
  5. Download and place it on your SDcard (Download Link)
  6. Reboot your Thrive into its Bootloader (reboot, hold power up +power same time)
  7. When you see black screen with 3 icons navigate to usb-icon and hit power to select it
  8. flash custom boot image using fastboot “fastboot flash boot Thrive-SystemUnlocker-Boot.img”
  9. flash ClockworkMod recovery “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”
  10. then type “fastboot reboot”
  11. Press and hold volume up while rebooting
  12. When back at three icons select ClockworkMod Recovery (middle icon)
  13. Navigate to mounting submenu … mount / system …. mount / sdcard
  14. Navigate back to main menu and choose install zip from sdcard
  15. select and let it recover
  16. Reboot your Thrive
  17. Install Superuser from the Market
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