HP TouchPad gets ClockworkMOD Recovery and ADB Access


So now that the HP TouchPad has that amazing payout for a port to Android we are seeing quicker than usual progression on this project. Android’s recovery mode and ClockworkMOD recovery have been successfully booted up by members working on porting Android to the TouchPad.

HP Touchpad Clockwork Mod Recovery
HP Touchpad gets Clockwork Mod Recovery

There have also been reports of some HP TouchPad’s that users turned on that already had a Leaked Android System Dump on them out of the box. We aren’t sure if this is true or not but can only assume if it is that HP was already working on a port before ending the project.

HP TouchPad running ADB in WebOS
HP TouchPad running ADB in WebOS

We have also had reports that ADB is running on the TouchPad in webOS. With ADB, a mini Android Client and ClockworkMOD already running on the Touchpad I give it another week or so before there is a working version and a distribution by the end of September. This of course is my own attempt at telling the future.