Setup Youmail on your Motorola Atrix


First thing you need to know is that trying to let YouMail change the settings on your Atrix will not work. This will create an error saying something like “Invalid MMICode”. To get YouMail working follow the few simple steps below.

scan qr code to download youmail
Scan Code to Download YouMail

1. Go to the Android Market and download YouMail. Once its installed run it and go through the process of setting up your account.

2. Go to your Phones call settings and click on voicemail settings (Settings — Call Settings — Voicemail Settings) and change the voicemail number to 1-949-265-2922 and click ok. What this does is tells your phone to call that number to check your voicemail aka when you get the new voicemail notification and click it what the phone should do.

3. Go to your phones call settings and near the bottom select call forwarding (Settings — Call Settings — Call Forwarding) and change forward when busy, forward when unanswered and forward when unreachable to 1-949-265-2922. What this is doing is telling your phone where to send the person calling. Changing this number will send incomming missed calls to YouMail instead of your default carriers voicemail.

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  1. The instructions provided worked. However, when I initially installed Youmail, the orange triangle with an exclamation icon appeared at the top right corner of my phone as a result of the MMI error code. How do I now get rid of this annoying icon since my visual voice now works? Thx

    • After you have installed Youmail, in order to remove the notification that shows on the bar. You need to open Youmail, tap your phones menu, tap preferences, tap notifications and there you can turn off the icon. I know you reposted saying forget about it that you fixed it but this may help someone else in the same situation. Thank you for the comment.

  2. I have another number forwarded to my Motorola Atrix. When someone calls my direct number the youmail works fine. but if someone calls the other number that is forwarded to my direct number…the youmail doesn’t work….any idea how to fix that?