Take Screenshots on the Motorola Atrix without Root


If you have a Motorola Atrix you have probably given up on the idea of taking screenshots on your phone. There is however an app that was created specifically for the Atrix to take screenshots and best of all it does not require root access. The app we are talking about was created by XDA member mindphase called ScreenGrabber.

Download Screengrabber for the Motorola Atrix APK

We have tested and tried to break Screengrabber without any issues to date. There aren’t many settings so it is easy to setup and allows the user to setup how its used. You can either have it always running in the notification bar or you can set it to close after you take a screenshot. Also there is a delay setting so that you can tell it to take a screenshot and give yourself enough time to get where you want the image to be taken.

If you are using or decide to use the app please let us know your experience with it for the benefit of other users.


  1. Works great with the atrix 2! 🙂 Just make sure you go to advance settings and turn off Rooted Required if your phone is not rooted. 🙂

  2. App works ok , except for the shake..so if your trying to take a screenie of say a picture in facebook where the screen blacks out apart from the actual picture you cannot hit the button to activate the screenshot
    Is cool for taking shots from the browser because the button is still on screen

  3. So I downloaded it and turned off the root but when I try to take the picture it says unknown error. Any solution to this problem?

    • It seems that since the last update that the screenshot app now does require root access. I haven’t tested this but judging by the current comments it seems to be the case.

  4. Sucks, “unknown error acquiring image from device” so I’m guessing this app also now requires a root. I’ve tried about 10 apps in the last hour or so trying to find one that works WITHOUT rooting my device. I simply refuse to root it. I’m not breaking my warranty for a screenshot, forget that. I work for a large wireless company so yeah, I’m not rooting. I love my phone (I had the atrix 1 before it was stolen & now have the 2) I’m tired of wasting my time & data trying to find a screenshot that works, any ideas? I’m about to just give up for good. =*(

    • This was tested and working at the time on the original Atrix 4G although I’m not sure that it was ever tested on the Atrix 2. When this app was originally used the Atrix was on an older firmware and Android version so this may no longer work. We will look into alternatives soon.

  5. To take a screenshot without any app just hold the power button and the volume down buttons for a cpl sec and it will take one an save it to your ohone 🙂

  6. On the ME865 the key combination is power button + menu button (bottom left)
    on the MB865 the key combination is power button + volume down button