FIX: AT&T HTC One X Won’t Update (“HTCDM has Stopped”)


HTC One X will not update

If you are having an issue with the HTC One X not updating through the AT&T Software update feature on your phone don’t freak out it can be taken care of by following a few easy steps. What you will need to do will depend on how far in the update process you actually make it on the device if anywhere at all.

Make sure you are connected to WiFi before trying anything below. The HTC One X seems to have an issue getting updates if your not connected to Wifi before searching for the update.

How to Update the HTC One X When not Updating:

  1. First thing you need to do is go to your downloads folder and make sure that if there is an update file there that you delete it.
  2. Second of course we have to mention to try rebooting the device first and seeing if it works after the reboot.
  3. If Rebooting does not correct the issue then you will need to set the date a few days ahead (Settings -> Date & Time ->uncheck Automatic date & time -> set date a few days ahead), reboot the phone and try to update again.
  4. This time the devices should update fine. After the update completes don’t forget to set the date back to the correct settings.

NOTE: If your HTC One X freezes at the end of the update process be sure that you don’t have it connected to a USB cable or charger as this seems to interfere with the process.


  1. I have a HTC One X and loved it when I got it; however, the longer I’ve dealt with it, the more I dislike the phone. It has been nothing but trouble. I was trying to update the system to the new Jelly Bean update and got “Unfortunately HtcDm has stopped working.” No matter what I do to get the update, i keep getting the same error. I guess I should just do a hard system reboot? But no, nothing I’ve been told to do here has helped!

  2. After several attempts I still get the same message “Htc Dm has stopped” any more suggestions other than replace it with a samsung s5?