Flash ClockworkMod Recovery to Samsung Captivate


Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery to the Samsung Captivate is an easy process although not as easy as just installing ROM Manager and flashing it. You will need a few extra steps so that you can actually flash custom ROM’s to the still popular Galaxy S Android device. If you follow the directions below you should have no issues and be able to run CyanogenMod 7, Serendipity or any other custom ROM with ease.

Your Captivate must be rooted in order to flash ClockworkMod Recovery to the Samsung Captivate: Root Samsung Captivate with SuperOneClick

Install ClockworkMod Recovery on the Samsung Captivate:

  1. Download and Extract “Heimdall Suite 1.1.1” (Download Link)
  2. Power off your Samsung Captivate
  3. Connect the Captivate to your PC via USB
  4. Boot the Captivate into Download Mode via “vol up + vol down + power” while plugging in USB
  5. Run “zadig.exe” in the drivers folder of Heimdall
  6. From the Menu select “Options -> List All Devices”
  7. Then select “Samsung USB Composite Device” or “Gadget Serial”
  8. Click “Install Driver” (if popup ignore and install anyway)
  9. Now Launch the Heimdall application
  10. Download and extract “Hardcore’s SpeedMod Kernel” (Download Link)
  11. Select the zImage in the Kernel(zimage) section
  12. Turn your Captivate off and unplug it from the USB (leaving the USB in PC)
  13. Boot into download mode again via “vol up + vol down + power” while plugging in USB
  14. Heimdall should still be open on your PC click “Start”
  15. You should now see a blue bar showing the Kernel being transfered
  16. Your Captivate will restart automatically when complete
  17. Congrats your Samsung Captivate has ClockworkMod Recovery Installed.

You can now install custom ROM’s on your Captivate easily through ClockworkMod Recovery. We as always aren’t responsible for the use of these instructions so use at your own risk.


  1. I’m trying to install ClockworkMod Recovery using Heimdall Suite 1.1.1 per instruction above and it is hanging up at 82%. My phone is still in download mode. Any ideas as to what I can do to get out of it without bricking the phone?

    • I haven’t seen this issue on a captivate so i’m not completely sure what will work 100% but personally I would first wait as it can seem stuck and just jump straight to 100% after a while. Although if it does just sit there you will need to do a battery pull and start the process over again. Please let me know the outcome as I haven’t had the process freeze and would like to know how it goes. Also if there is another issue please explain and I will try to help from there.

  2. It was definitely stuck at 82%. I pulled the battery and afterwards could only get to the error screen with the phone-orange triangle w/exclamation point-computer on it. I used One-Click Unbrick to eventually fix it after several tries. As of now, CWM Recovery still isn’t installed. I’m really only interested in installing CWM Recovery so I can get my GPS fixed.