How to Factory Reset the HTC One X


With the HTC One X being one of the most popular phones available right now what do you do when you want to sell it or just wipe it out and start over? Well doing a factory reset on the HTC One X is easier than you might think with two ways to accomplish it. If your phone just won’t turn on skip to the second method.

HTC One XHTC One X Factory Reset from Settings:

  1. Go to the HTC One X Settings
  2. Navigate to “Storage” -> “Factory Data Reset”
  3. Select “Reset Phone”
  4. Then Tap “Erase Everything”
  5. Wait for the Reset and your done

HTC One X Factory Reset (Can’t get to Settings)

  1. Hold the volume down button and power button
  2. When you see three Android images release all buttons
  3. Press Volume down to “Factory Reset”
  4. Press the Power button to select
  5. Wait for the HTC One X to Reset

If your in a state not mentioned here or have any issues with either process please feel free to let us know and we will try to help. Also keep in mind that doing a factory reset on the HTC One X will clear out all data on the device and cannot be undone.


    • I have a gsm unlocked htc on x. I would like to if I would factory reset the fact that it was a unlocked gsm would i still be able to used the phone after without any problems such being locked out the phone completely or any password needed.

      • Factory reseting the device should not interfere in any way with the GSM unlock you have performed on the device.

  1. my phone was damaged by water wont turn on. i have insurance but have to send the broken one back. should i be worried about someone stealing my info or personal photos if i return it even though the phone doesnt turn on or connect to my computer?

    • Also is there anything i can do before i return it to retrieve the photos/videos even though the phone doesnt turn on. if not how can i do a reset or make sure my info isnt there still?

  2. My htc one x turns on and goes through the htc att and then goes to htc one and nothing more. I have tried your factory reset and nothing happens. I don’t see how to remove the battery. It was fine prior to this. Any help?