How to Remove Notification Push Ads on Android


Lookout Mobile Push Ad Detector

Lookout Mobile has proven itself top dog when it comes to detecting and blocking ad-ware and virus infested apps, now they have released Push Ad Detector. Push Ad Detector identifies applications that push spam ads that have started to become popular on Android devices. Push Ad Detector will then allow you to opt out of these ads instead of being forced to receive them.

Notification ads are one of the most annoying Android spams and are becoming more popular with companies and developers. Now that AirPush is no longer the only company pushing out these OTA ads it makes it harder to control them and thats where Lookout has taken control. Not only can you now opt out of these ads but you can identify the apps that are causing them.

How Push Ad Detector works is it scans apps currently installed on your device and searches for known ad networks that advertise outside of the app. The app will then return a list of these apps and gives an option to opt out of them. Currently the list of known notification ad spammers are AirPush, Appenda, LeadBolt, Moolah, Startapp, and Tapit.

Just like website popups this type of advertising is accepted as legit although to most users is no different than any other form of spam. We are glad to see Lookout keeping users in mind with yet another great product.

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