How to Root the Nexus 4 (root instructions)


If you got your hands on the Nexus 4 before Google Play ran out then you will be happy to know you can root it as soon as it hits your hands. XDA Member HQRaja has given us a root method that you can use on the Nexus 4 right out of the box. The root process is pretty easy and should be simple enough for just about anyone to use. The full root instructions can be found below.

nexus 4 root instructionsHow to Root the Nexus 4 (with required files):

  1. Download Fastboot if you don’t already have it (Download Link)
  2. Download CWM Recovery (Download Link)
  3. Unzip the recovery file to your fastboot folder
  4. Enable USB Debugging “settings -> developer options”
  5. Connect Nexus 4 to Computer via USB
  6. Install Nexus 4 Drivers (Download Link)
  7. Download SuperSU with Busybox (Download Link)
  8. transfer SuperSU/Busybox package to phones internal SDcard
  9. Open Command Prompt and navigate to your fastboot folder
  10. Reboot into Bootloader (fastboot)
    • adb reboot bootloader
  11. Unlock the Bootloader (this will wipe all user data on the device)
    • fastboot oem unlock
  12. Boot from the CWM image downloaded earlier
    • fastboot boot cwm-recovery-mako.img
  13. Select the recovery option from your device using volume to navigate and power to select.
  14. Once in recovery you can make a backup if you choose (recommended)
  15. From recovery flash the SuperSU and busybox package downloaded earlier
  16. Clear your cache and dalvik cache (up to you but recommended
  17. Reboot your Nexus 4 and Congrats on a Rooted Device!

NOTE: if you get the error “stem/bin/sh: su: can’t execute: Permission denied” it means you need to boot from the unsecured boot.img first so go back to that step and try again.


  1. You should tell, how to become a develover under android 4.2, since the developer menu is hidden.
    The clock work mod only works on unencrypted devices. When you have to unlock the boot loader this is not important since you wipe the device anyway.
    In other cases the
    Ten boot loader is able to handle encrypted partitions