HTC Amaze 4G Official Android 4.0 Update and Download (Leaked)


While HTC Amaze owners just got their hands on a perm S-Off tool a few days ago there is already something else to get excited about. The Official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update was leaked on XDA and can already be flashed if your interested. Keep in mind before flashing to the leaked Official ICS update on your Amaze 4G that its not yet rooted. This being said we will go ahead and assume there will be a root for the build very shortly.

We haven’t heard when the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update Officially push to T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G owners although with a fully functional build already available we will go ahead and say very soon.

NOTE: Using this leak to install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC Amaze does not require root or S-Off as its an Official update file. Follow the instructions below to update.

Download the Official ICS ROM for the HTC Amaze 4G

Instructions to Install Official ICS ROM on the HTC Amaze 4G:

  1. Rename download to PH85IMG
  2. Put that file on your SD card in the phone
  3. Unplug usb cable, remove battery
  4. Put battery back in
  5. Press and hold Volume Down and Power
  6. Apply update. Will take some time and reboots.
  7. Enjoy Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0.3

If you update using the Official HTC Amaze 4G Leaked ROM here, please let us know how you like it. Also if you have any issues or questions feel free to ask here.


    • not yet I am sorry … I am stuck at a coffee shop for another hour and if not done by then I will finish it when I get home so I can promise that the file will be up by 6pm EST at the latest. I am ready to shoot myself with the internet speeds at this place.

  1. I am totally new at this sort of thing. IF I follow the instructions, will this in any way void the warranty on my phone? I don’t want a $550 paper weight if this thing gets bricked. Have you found any issues as of yet?

    Thank you!

    • Our experience was flawless although we cannot guarantee anything. You can hold out for others experience if your worried about your phone although being an Official ROM update it should have no effect on your warranty. As stated the download link above will be working by 6pm EST at the latest but could be sooner.

  2. AWESOME! Now, I DO have a copy of the original file from XDA. Is yours the same thing? Or should I just wait til yours has uploaded?

    Thank you!

  3. After the GOLD bar is done, it says

    Parsing…(SD ZIP)
    [2] MDM_CUST
    [3] BOOT
    [4] RECOVERY
    [5] SYSTEM
    [6] SPLASH1
    [7] USERDATA
    [8] SBL1
    [9] SBL2
    [10] SBL3
    [11] TRUST_ZONE
    [12] RPM
    [13] ADSP
    [15] nfc
    [16] MDM9X
    [17] RADIO_v2
    [18} RADIO_CUST

    Do you want to start update?

    Is it safe to update?

  4. Ok, so I think I am very slow. I copied it to the SDcard booted into the bootloader and couldn’t see any upgrade option. All I saw was fastboot, Factory reset… etc and the last option was CRC image. I selected that and it gave me about four lines and then said, press power button to go back.
    What did I do wrong?

  5. Sweeeettt. Took to the third try. I never rooted or anything prior, just followed the directions. It did a fresh install. All my apps were deleted but all the damn tmo crap apps I don’t want still remain. Wicked update, Sense 3.6 and android 4.0.3. Totally worth the update, everything works so far and the new Gmail rocks!!!

  6. Worked for me when I changed the file name to PH85IMG ( Not and then followed the rest of the instructions…

  7. hello sir i want to know . how to install this rom on HTC amaze v1.60.707.3. Even it is possible to update without s-off. and please tell me . the simple steps . whether i have to go to recovery and install zip from there. in that case i am unable to go in recovery. a triangle with sign of exclamation in red colour appears . please help sir.

  8. sir I tried to update 3 times but I got the problem that “model id not correct” plz help me sort out this.problem