Unlock the HTC One X and HTC One S Bootloaders


HTC Bootloader Unlock

How to unlock the Bootloader on both the HTC One X and HTC One S is a pretty easy process and is documented on HTCDev.com.  If you want to follow along here there is a little more detail here. By unlocking your HTC One X or One S bootloader you can easily root the device to install custom ROM’s and completely take control of your device. Take note that unlocking the bootloader will cause a wipe of your personal settings and apps but will keep your images and videos in tact. The instructions to unlock your HTC One X and One S bootloaders here are Windows only.

Unlock the HTC One X and HTC One S Bootloader:

  1. Enable USB Debugging Mode “Settings -> Developer Options”
  2. Connect your HTC One X(S) to a PC via USB
  3. Choose “Charge Only” as your connection type
  4. Install the correct driver for your computer:
  5. Download and extract OneXRoot.zip (Download Link)
  6. Open up a command prompt and navigate to the folder you just unzipped
    • Type “adb devices”, press enter
  7. Go to HTCDev.com and login (or register if haven’t)(Site Link)
  8. Click “Unlock Bootloader”
  9. Choose either “HTC One X” or “All other supported devices”
  10. Click “Begin Unlock Bootloader”
  11. Click on “yes”
  12. Agree with terms and click “Proceed to Unlock Directions”
  13. Scroll down and click “Proceed to Step 5”
  14. Scroll down and click “Proceed to Step 8”
  15. Now grab your device and hold the volume down and power button
  16. After about 20 seconds your HTC One should be in Bootloader mode
  17. Choose “Fastboot” and power button to select
  18. Go back to your command prompt
    • Type “fastboot oem get_identifier_token”, press enter
  19. You should now see some random code that makes little sense
  20. Right click the code and select “Mark”
  21. now highlight code from the “<<< Now go back to HTCDev and paste that code there and click “Submit”
  22. You should now see “Token Submitted Successfully!”
  23. HTC has now sent you an attachment via email with your unlock code
  24. Download “Unlock_code.bin” from the email to your OneXRoot folder
  25. Go back to your command prompt
    • Type “fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin”, press enter
  26. Go to your Phone and hit volume up and then power to reboot
  27. Your bootloader is now unlocked!

To Root the device after unlocking the bootloader please go to the second half of the following page: