FlexiShield Wave Nexus 7 Case Review


There are many cases and other accessories available for Google’s Nexus 7 due to the popularity of the thin powerful Android tablet. For the average user though, how do you know what case you need for your new device? Here we have reviewed the FlexiShield Wave Nexus 7 case from MobileFun.com and have to say that its a very simple case without all of the bells and whistles but does what its supposed to better than most. It’s a case that provides the look and feel you want as well as the protection you require.

Design of the FlexiShield Wave Nexus 7 Case:
This case is a very ultra-slim case that is made from a very strong gel material. While the material feels strong and solid it is also very flexible making it easy to put the tablet in and out as needed. It seems to have all of the support that we require in a case without any bulk added as it fits the Nexus 7 like a well designed skin. With the entire case being custom molded in one solid piece you should notice it lasting much longer than many of the other Nexus 7 cases on the market as well. All of the buttons, speakers, mics, etc. have been cutout perfectly with a bevel added to not only make it look nicer but also look cleaner and feel more comfortable in your hand. (A good thing to take note of as well is the fact that the case comes in a few other colors like blue, clear, purple, pink, and blue.)

Nexus 7 Case Cutouts

Nexus 7 Case Bevels

Protection of the FlexiShield Wave Nexus 7 Case:
With any case the ultimate purpose is to add protection to your tablet so that it lasts longer and doesn’t get destroyed by everyday use. This case as stated before is made from a strong gel that is skin tight on the device. What this means is that if dropped the case will absorb some of that impact as well as holding everything together tightly. One of the best features of this case is the raised edges around the screen allowing you to set the device face down without risking the display getting scratched. Something else to mention is the fact that the case adds better grip when holding the Nexus 7 so that it decreases the risk of dropping in the first place.

FlexiShield Wave Case Screen Bevel

NOTE: This cases cutouts do not line up on the 3G version of the Nexus 7 (Google is to blame for that one) …

We said earlier that the case was simple and what we mean is that it simply looks awesome and protects like it needs to. The number one complaint we hear about in cases are that they are way too bulky. Here you have an extremely thin case with a sleek design. Next what do you think we hear? Yes, you got it, the thin cases I like never have the protection that is required so why even have it in a case in the first place. This case protects and has a super thin form so it gets our vote.

Where can you find this case? Nexus 7 Cases

Form Factor
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