How to: Replace Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Screen Digitizer (video)


Many of us drop our tablets from time to time and most of us are worried about repairing ourselves. This being said the process to replace the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Tab 2 is a very easy process that anyone can do themselves. All you have to do is take the time to order a replacement screen, which sells for around $35-$40. Also the process takes no special tools.

Instructions to Replace the Screen on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Tab 2 10.1:

  1. First you will need only 3 tools, a razor knife, a putty knife (or something else thin and strong enough to pry with) and a blow dryer or heat gun.
  2. Use the putty knife and pry the back off of the main tablet components (as shown in video above)
  3. Set the back of the Galaxy Tab to the side and flip over the tablet you just removed
  4. Unclip the middle cable as shown in the video above
  5. Flip the Galaxy Tab back over and heat around the tablets frame (black part around screen)
  6. Use the razor knife to cut the glue between the screen/digitizer and LCD (as shown in the video)
  7. Remove the broken screen and clean the LCD to your satisfaction.
  8. Place the new screen in place in the correct orientation as the previous screen
  9. flip the tablet back over and plug the cable back into the tablet.
  10. Set the main tablet and screen into the backing
  11. Be sure to re-clip the tablet to the backing all the way around (you will hear snapping sounds as you do this)
  12. Turn your Samsung Galaxy Tab on and play with your like new tablet!

If you have any issues during the process please feel free to comment here as well as watching the video above to be sure you understand the process.


    • I believe the process is the same although I have not replaced a screen on a Galaxy Tab 2 7 so cannot say with 100% certainty. Please record the process if you do replace the screen and I would love to post the video here.

  1. I also need to replace the screen on my TAB 2 7.0 where can I get the screen ane is this procedure verifed as the same for the 7.0″ tab?

    • The process is the same so this video should show everything you need to know. The screen should be able to be found easily via Google although for the best price you may have to wait a bit for one form China (Unless of course your near there 🙂

  2. Is there another screen on the 2 7.0. Because I can not see the crack in my screen unless the tablet is turned on. Wondering before i crack it open and replace the wrong parts. Thanks

  3. I have plugged in my digitizer after getting it put on the front and it is unresponsive do you have any suggestions?

  4. hey ,
    I’ve done the process ,but when i turned it on there were a bunch of colors instead of a home screen
    plz help :S

  5. i was wounding if you can tell me what kind of screen do i need for my galaxy tab 2 10.1. Does it matter if i galaxy a galaxy tab 1 screen and put it on my galaxy tab 2? and how bout the p7500 or p7510 stuff doe that matter to? If not can you just tell me the full description for my tab 2 screen?

    • It seems a big issue that people are having with replacing their screens is losing responsiveness after they complete the process. What this usually means is that the screen replacement that you purchased was for the wrong model. Keep in mind that their are a few different models meaning that you have to find the screen replacement specifically for your version of the Tab 2 10.1.

  6. I replaced the digitizer as per your video only to realize that my lcd screen was also cracked. Do you have any more videos on how to replace the lcd screen on the tab?

    • Sorry I do not. We no longer actually have a Galaxy Tab 2 on hand although if you were able to replace the screen easily you should be able to watch a generic tear down video and see what is required to replace an LCD.

  7. I liked your video. I’ve been trying to find a 9.7″ replacement digitizer, but there doesn’t seem to be one available. Any suggestions? Also, in you video, you don’t mention that you should clean off all the old adhesive from the main frame. (There seems to be a lot of residue left, after you remove the glass, in the video). Doesn’t the frame need to be completely cleaned?

    • Yes, if you want to clean the old residue you can and should if you have a new double sided tape to put back in or have a screen that comes with a good seal around it already.