Review: Spigen Slim Armor View Galaxy S4 Case


Spigen has created some really nice Slim Armor cases for the Galaxy S4 so we expected nothing less than the best. This time Spigen has created the Slim Armor View case which is a combination of the official Samsung view cover and Spigen’s very own Slim Armor case. The biggest difference and benefit is the fact that this is a strong protective version of Samsung’s S-View cover. Those that love the S-View will love the added protection and design of the Slim Armor View case.

Design of the Spigen Slim Armor View Case
The Spigen Slim Armor Case for the Samsung galaxy S4 has a uniquely creative design for a tough case. The case itself has two different models being the slick white and a more matte styled black both with the same design but slightly different feel. The white version as seen in the video on this review is a very smooth case that does pick up fingerprints but in our opinion is the nicer looking of the two on a white S4. The black model is much better at hiding fingerprints with its more matte shell and is about the same color as the TPU rubberized interior of the cases.

The Slim Armor View case has three main parts being its cover, TPU rubberized slip cover and hard plastic outer shell. The view cover has an auto-wake feature which also when closed puts the device back to sleep.

The view cover is attached to the main part of the case by a double hinge to allow it to be folded open and again behind the device to easily use it without the cover in the way. The view cover has a small screen at the top that allows you to see the time, notifications, missed calls, incoming calls, and even alarm notification when it goes off without having to open the cover to access the screen. Besides being able to see all of this you can answer and decline incoming calls as well as snooze and stop your alarm from the small view screen. This alone should improve battery life exponentially. The screen cover also has an opening for the ear piece as well as access to the home button.

The Spigen Armor Case portion of the design consists of the two main parts being the TPU rubberized slip cover and hard plastic outer shell. The case is designed to allow your Galaxy S4 to easily slide into the case without falling out just as easily. The TPU rubberized internal part of the case is actually very strong and not as soft as you would see in most cases using the same design. This rubberized internal shell is what creates the raised volume rocker and power button. The outer shell is a very hard plastic. This creates a strong shell around your GS4 without making it incredibly thick.

If for any reason you decide you aren’t interested in using the flip cover you can easily remove the cover from the main part of the case by lifting up the rubber from the plastic shell and gently lifting the cover off. Its an easy process and for all intent and purposes you will now have the Slim Armor case for your Galaxy S4.

Protection of the Spigen Slim Armor View Case
Most cases only protect the back and sides of the phone but the Slim Armor View case will protect the Galaxy S4 all the way around. The Slim Armor View case covers the entire phone as if you put it into a box leaving no part of it vulnerable in the event its dropped. The case itself having the rubber slip cover that is surrounded by a polycarbonate hard outer shell provides an incredibly strong protective covering. The TPU rubberized interior provides the shock absorption while the hard outer shell takes the hit itself.

Second is the flip cover which is just as strong as the case itself creating a cover like the S-View while locking in place so that it wont open when falling. The flip cover also keeps the screen completely covered when your using the phone for a call and when pulling it out of your pocket which is generally when people drop their phone. There is absolutely no access to the glass of the device making the Spigen Slim Armor View Case the most protective case we have seen for the Galaxy S4.

Final thoughts on the Spigen Slim Armor View Case
I believe I will leave this case on my phone for a while to see how it stands up under daily use but have to say my impressions of it now are all positive. The only flaw in the case that I could find is the fact that when taking pictures you have to let the cover lay open. When the cover is folded behind the phone it covers a small portion of the top of the camera. This being said its complete protection and innovative features negate that quite a bit.

The Spigen Slim Armor View Case can be found at Mobile fun for $44.49 in both black and white, which falls in line with other protective cases in its class. This being said the protection is unrivaled even by OtterBox with a much slimmer design as well as the fact that it has the view cover you could only previously find with the Samsung S-View (we would like to note that this entire case costs the same as the flimsy S-View from Samsung). We can see no reason this case would not compete with even the largest well known brands.

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