How to Rearrange, Add and Remove Homescreens on the Nexus 5

Tutorial on managing your Nexus 5 home screens


Google’s Nexus 5 has been around for a while now but may be new to some of you. This said there are some features of the device that may be difficult for those users not used to using Android or who have previously used other devices with skins like Touchwiz or Sense. In some cases home screen management is different even on the same version of Android depending on the device.

When you first get your new Nexus 5 it will have one screen and when swiping to the left you will notice Google Now. What if you want more that that to add app icons to other screens? Those of you interested in learning how to add and remove home screens on your Nexus 5 can see below and easily manage it. Keep in mind that the launcher is unique to this device as such are the instructions shown here.

Add and Remove Homescreens
The process is extremely easy and may not even need this article although here is it anyway. Also take note that on the Nexus 5 you can create as many new screens as you’d like and aren’t limited to just 5 or so.

  1. Press and hold any icon on the first screen until the screen changes and you see its selected.
  2. slide your finger over to the right side of your screen and hold it there until the screen slides to a blank area.
  3. Release the app icon wherever you want it on the newly created screen.
  4. Repeat as many times as you’d like to create new screens.

You will notice after creating new screens that the small white dots above you bottom row of static app icons will increase. As such you will also notice that the dot corresponding to the screen you are on currently will be highlighted.

How to Rearrange Homescreens
After getting all of you screens setup you may realize that you want the pages in a different order but don’t want to take the time to delete and recreate them. While Google didn’t create an easy way to delete an entire screen you can easily rearrange them.

  1. Tap and hold you finger on any blank spot on a screen until the window changes
  2. You should see the transparent background on the window selected as well as a window to the left and right.
  3. Lift your finger and re-tap and hold the screen you want to move until you see it has been selected.
  4. slide the selected window left of right to change the order
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary to get the screens in the correct order.

While both of these methods are easy enough Google did seem to make this more difficult than it needed to be. If you have any other issues or run into a problem following these instructions please let us know via comments below. At any event thank you for reading and I hope it helped.