Review: MyKronoz ZeBracelet Smartwatch for Women

Most stylish smart watch for women in the form of a smart bracelet


Ever since CES 2014 we have been told that wearables are what its all about right now and the ZeBracelet seems to be the first wearable created for women. The ZeBracelet is a smartwatch made by MyKronoz that actually comes in a lot cheaper than most smartwatches that have been released this year. When we see a smaller price on a smartwatch we assume there are features that are missing or a quality decrease to save money. So here is our MyKronoz ZeBracelet review for those of you looking for a smartwatch under $99.

ZeBracelet Design
Most smartwatches are bulky and you can tell at a glance what it is. The ZeBracelet is a watch although if you see someone wearing it you would assume it was nothing more than a nice looking bracelet. There is no break in design between the band and screen and the buttons are small and keep to the smooth curved design. The bracelet is easy to to put on with a slightly flexibly band open at the middle (of course the portion with the screen does not flex). The smart-bracelet is much stronger and well built than expected.

One design feature that we thought interesting is the curved glass of the watch face for the sleek look with a smaller flat screen behind it that actually has the display itself.

ZeBracelet Features
You will notice most of the basic features of any other smartwatch should have although you won’t see the advanced features like mail and text messaging capabilities. You can easily pair the smartwatch with your phone to allow answering and rejecting calls using the side buttons. One disappointment was the fact that when you get an incoming call it will show the number but not the name of the caller. This said you can answer the call using the bracelet’s built in speaker and mic which is plenty loud and clear enough to be useful. When you get a phone call the bracelet will vibrate to let you know you have an incoming call.

One feature that is pretty cool is using the bracelet as a speaker to play music from your phone. This said don’t expect the quality to be any better than your phones speaker as its meant more for phone calls than music. There is also an alert on the bracelet that causes it to vibrate if it gets out of range of your phone to help you from leaving your phone somewhere and walking off.  You can find the ZeBracelet at many different retailers online.

As stated before this is probably the only option for most women with its sleek bracelet design and solid build quality. The smartwatch also has a great integrated microphone and speaker as well as all of the essentials a smartwatch should have. A few of the negative aspects of the smart-bracelet are its smaller screen compared to others and the lack of caller ID (name). I do recommend the MyKronoz ZeBracelet for women looking to get a smartwatch that looks like an accessory and not a bulky smartwatch.

Ease of use
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