Fix Android Market “Package File is Invalid”


If your getting the annoying “Package File is Invalid” when trying to install or update applications in the Google Android Market don’t worry it can be easily fixed. This also works with a few other errors that you might notice “No download at all” and “Download Unsuccessful”. This error comes from either your Market App’s cache memory being full or lack of space on your device for the download.

Fix the Google Android Market (“Package File is Invalid”):

  1. Make sure Android Automatic Restore is turned off (Settings -> Privacy)
  2. Go to “Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications
  3. Tap to show “All” Applications
  4. Scroll down to the Market App and tap it
  5. Tap “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”
  6. Click “Uninstall Updates”
  7. Exit everything and reboot your device
  8. Your Error should now be fixed

NOTE: If you still have the “Package File is Invalid” error after the above steps were completed then follow the same instructions above with the Download Manager.

NOTE: If you are still at this point experiencing the error then you may need to check your internal storage and be sure its not full. As a last resort restore your phone to a stock ROM by doing a factory reset.

Hope this fixes everyones phones. Either way please let us know if you have any questions and results from the steps above. We have had this issue before and fixed it using these steps so it has been confirmed.


  1. Initially manufacturer advised factory reset. Did not fix problem. Tried instructions here clearing play store and then download manager. Still receiving same message, package file is invalid. Please note this error only received when attempting to download any of the angry birds games after the 1st one. 1st one installed successfully & playing well.

  2. Please note that the error still persists. have enough internal and external memory. Factory reset was also attempted.
    Applications shows all apps under ALL but unable to uninstall. On Google Play unbale to updateunable to install or update even though it shows updates found in the pop up.

    Please note this is a Samsung Tab GT P7500. am too frustrated now as it was working perfectly previuosly . This has happened only fater software update was done at the Samsung outlet..

  3. i did what was written on the top and yet every time i try to update my app it’s still showing the same result.. even checked my storage, not full.. restored it to factory setting more than i should.. nothing seems to be working.. just bought my htc one x by the way about a week ago 🙁

  4. Even I tried the above tricks but none of them work. I have Ice-cream Sandwich loaded Tablet and gets annoyed with this error.

  5. This is definitely a problem with Google Play store. It is not a problem with your phone. It also seems to be happening to every brands and not just one brands. I just bought a Galaxy note 10.1 yesterday 01 October 2012. When i started to sync all my purchased stuffs. I almost smashed the whole thins of the roof top of my house. Then I’ve been going around forums after forums to see since when this have started. And looks like very bad news for all android users. The problem has been around for at least 1.5 years. I don’t think it can be fixed by Google, because it should have been fixed already. I am really dissatisfied and disappointed with all the YouTube reviews about androids products. I think they should point these issues more. Then we would be able to decide before buying. I am calling Samsung today, if they don’t have a fix. It’s unfortunately going in the garbage.

  6. Just go to the access point names and see if there is an option to edit data access point settings. Then see if your connection is proxy enabled. If enabled, write down the proxy address for future referance.

    Then erace the proxy address and save settings. Now go to play store and see if it works!

    Worked for me…

    Reference :

    • Is this fix possible with Samsung Galaxy S3..I couldn’t find “data access point settings” in there? Only found APN

    • hi Arjuna i have samsung galaxy s2 SGH-T989(Android Version 2.3.6)when i am going to intall the facebook & fb messenger & yahoo messenger that give me that message(package file is invalid) can you help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. step by step plz tell how to i fix that problem.i shall be very thankful to you Arjuna….plzzz

    • Thanks, it works for me. I use HTC salsa and its working fine, i can download my application nd instal my application. Thumbs up

  7. Brilliant! worked a treat. God knows why as it was only certain apps that wouldn’t install and was pulling my hair out after several factory resets etc etc etc

  8. This worked for my Linsay F-10HD ICS 4.0.4. I’ve bookmarked this answer for future use. I really appreciate the time you put in to post this.

  9. Hi, I bought a L7 P715 dual today.

    The phone seems to work fine but whenever I try to download an application from playstore, it says “Package file not valid”. Even for apps like gmail or google maps.

    I tried reseting the phone to factory data but still have the same issue afterwards. I can’t fix it. I tried with a sd card and without. I tried entering my previous play store account to get all my account info on the phone and I tried to use the phone as a first time android user (creating a new google account) but nothing works.

    Do you think the problem comes from the phone? I’m thinking of slamming it against something hard, or slamming something hard against it. Not quite sure yet..


    • I never could get it to work [Netflix] by trying all the tech support even from my tablet maker—I just went to amazon and downloaded the amazon android app and I was watching Netflix 5 minutes later. good grief. forget google playstore

  10. If it is a new device and you are getting this error it could be tied to not having a device ‘nickname’. The fix for me was to go to google play via browser > then clicking the settings sprocket > then settings > then edit and add a nickname.

    Hope this helps people with new devices that are experiencing this