Install CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) on the Motorola Atrix 4G


First of all we want to thank the CyanogenMod team and Jokersax for all the work they have done to get a fully functional CM9 build ported to the Motorola Atrix 4G. The CM9 build for the Motorola Atrix 4G does have a few bugs but for most they will not even be noticed and I’m sure that the current beta build will be released as a stable build very soon as it works great.

Prerequisites to install CM9 on the Atrix 4G:

How to Install CM9 on the Atrix 4G:

  1. Download CM9 and move the zip file to your SDcard (Download Link) <-
  2. Reboot your Atrix 4G into Recovery from ROM Manager
  3. When in Recovery select Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  4. Wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache
  5. Navigate to install downloaded zip from SDcard
  6. Choose zip from SDcard and select the ROM
  7. Reboot your Atrix 4G
  8. Congrats your Atrix is on CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich!

After you have flashed your device to CM9 you will need to install Gapps to get all of the Google Apps required to access the Android Market etc (Download Gapps).  You will flash Gapps the same way you did CM9 from steps 5 and 6.

If you have any issues installing CM9 on your Atrix let us know here and we will try to help you out. As always we are not responsible for the use of these instructions and you flash your device at your own risk.

And after the ROM is Installed this is what it looks like:

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  1. When i tried to wipe data/factory reset it wiped everything except it said error mountain sdcard/.android/secure and skipped it. I installed everything else like normal but now it says no sdcard, i never had a sdcard but used the 16gb of internal storage. regardless it isnt accessible. what do i do?

  2. I did everything step for step, and at first the USB was working just fine. but now I wake up this morning and i go to move a movie to my phone and it won’t even register a USB being connected… help please.

  3. Hi. Thanks for the instructions. I installed the ROM and most of the things seem to work fine. [1.] But, the videos are not playing-back properly. There is a lag when they are being played. It’s like a continuous stop-start motion of pics instead of a continuous video. Is this a bug ? Taking videos with camera also poses same issue. [2.] Can you provide a link/site where it gets notified if there are any updates to this beta ROM.

    Thank you.

    • We will try to keep the ROM up to date with the newest as available although you can go to to see if he has posted a new one periodically. He is the one who is actually developing the ROM. We will test his ROM as it is available and if there are no issues then update it here.

  4. I copied the files to my SD card.
    Rebooted into recovery from ROM Manager
    I get the Android guy with an ! inside a triangle.
    I remove the battery and boot back up just fine, but I get the same result with each attempt to reboot into recovery.

    I have confirmed that I am rooted.
    I have confirmed that I have an unlocked bootloader.

    Any guidance/assistance you can provide is GREATLY appreciated! 😀

    • As odd as it sounds try flashing CWM Recovery again and then reboot into recovery from ROM Manager and it should work fine for that reboot. We have worked with an Atrix that required us to flash the recovery and reboot everytime we needed it.

  5. I followed the above steps , but my bell Atrix unable to boot. it stuck on M sign…

    any solution , does any body tested with bell Atrix 4g?

  6. Hi. Thanks for the instructions, I followed it but couldn’t get it. It’s possible to have CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich and Gapps files packaged in a sbf file in order to just flash it in one single step? By the way I already have Gingerbread in my Atrix got it from


  7. I am having an issues (I have confirmed i am rooted and unlocked) where with ROM Manager touch i cannot boot into recovery. It says on reboot failed to boot 2, and if i connect a USB cable is starts RSD automagically. Please advise

  8. I walked through most of the steps. When I go into clockwork to pick the zip file it doesn’t read my external sd card. I know the card is ok, it only picks up the internal. How can I get the CM9 loaded now?

  9. So I hit “download zip from sd card” and then “installed zip from internal storage”. everything worked. Just forgot to download gapps, oops

  10. Hi, thanks for all the easy to follow instructions. Can you tell me before I start, does this work on the AT&T Atrix 4G with 2.3.6 4.5.141 MB860 ATT.en.US. I want to update it to the Ice Cream Sanwich 4.0.


  11. Hi, me back again. Do I need to have Superuser installed? It asks for permission to allow CWM to operate. Will this block the process as I go through after reboot into recovery. I get the Exclaimation Mark with the Android Man when I reboot just like Erik above. I have followed the suggestions and still get the same result…Exclaimation Mark with Android Man in the middle of the screen. Something is not right somewhere!!!:-)

  12. hey i have been stucked for some reasons, the first one is that my CWM isnt as the one in the video and idk why, i downloaded rom manager from play store, then flashed CWM it says it is in the latest version, i rebooted into recovery,and hit the 2 volume buttons at the same time to get menu after the android icon with exclamation, but my menu was different, only had reboot system now, apply update from sdcard,wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, unless that i wiped data and cache and then tried to apply the update but it try and say install/sdcard, then finding update pacakage, and then opening, then verifying and then just says E;failed to verify whole-file signature and E:signature verification failed, instalation aborted.
    can i get some help about at least skipping that verification becouse on your menu i see that option, but mine hasn’t so idk what to do, or how to get ur CWM version

  13. Ive finally solved my problems, here is the solution, first than all i didnt had the bootloader unlocked, had to follow some guides of RSD lite, use some things of pudding post, then when i got to unlocked it, i was able to get any CWM so i used the touch version i think so, dont remeber, and it wasnt even touch but worked fine lol, then i flashed your rom and finally got into ics:D gl to everyone else trying to do this

  14. Everything has worked great up until trying to install Gapps.Any help would be appreciated. Error log says:
    — Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    I:Update location: /sdcard/
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    Installation aborted.
    result was NULL, message is: assert failed: install_zip(“/sdcard/”)

    Thanks on advance

  15. Hi!
    I succefully installed the CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) on my Motorola Atrix 4G, but i couldn’t open my play store.

    Could u help me?

  16. i need help.
    I got the same problem that eric has. I go into recovery i get the android robot with a triangle within which there lies an exclamation mark.
    what do i do.

  17. Hi install it this morning. good job looks ok on orange atrix .One issue is way it cannot recognize the external sd card?

  18. I couldn’t get Gapps to install, it kept saying fail. So I downloaded the Gapps file for use with a Nook from this website and it worked perfectly.

    Also don’t make the same mistake I made when flashing the ROM, I unzipped the files and put them on my SD card. That doesn’t work. Just transfer the Zip files to the root of your SD card as is and then run CWM. Really loving my Atrix again.

  19. Is thr any custom build with which finger sensors can be activated?Currently i am on CM9 with 2.6 kernel from jokersax

  20. Thanks… Worked very well…

    Motorola with Android 2.3.6 system…

    Gapps got aborted. Then downloaded the modified one provided by Sean. Thanks Sean.

    Few Google apps like Gmail, calendar are not getting updated. Otherwise no problems

    Thanks once again

  21. hello! Sebastian and I live in Colombia, apologize for my English but I use google translator to write this message.
    I installed android 4.0 on my atrix and all is ok, but the camera is too slow, I move and the image takes too long to move. I hope you can help me. and Thanks!

  22. so…i rooted my phone, unlocked it, and got a recovery software. and when i go and install CM it says install but i reboot and it stays on the first screen for a long time and doesnt load…i thought i did most of the process right. if i didnt install superuser is that a problem?

  23. hi, i have that phone but i have a trouble with the wifi, when i turn it on appears “error” and the phone reboot, if i install the ics the so fix that error ??? or if you have a solution for my problem i always be grateful

  24. Thank to this website…followed every instruction and it worked. My phone now is running on CM9 flawlessly…faster and smoother than the previous Gingerbread…the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work, but who cares…got a PIN 🙂 thanks again Android Advice.

  25. Hi first of thank you very much for such a wonderful instruction set…
    i followed every step and was able to install the rom successfully…
    most of the things work perfectly…

    however, camera seems to be throwing the error – insert an sd card before using the camera. the fact is i dont use any external sd card. for some reason cm9/camera thinks that it MUST use sd card. i dont seem to find any configuration to set it to use internal storage.

    can u please help me here.

    thank you and your work is very much appreciated.

    • navigate to “menu/settings/storage/menu/storage config” and check the box and reboot. It is annoying buy you cant do just the camera save location. All apps either save to internal or external storage. Your other option is to download a third party camera app and use it instead.