Shazam In-Store Shopping Experience by Mood

Personalized mobile shopping experience integrated into the Shazam app powered by Mood.


Shazam In-Store is a new service provided by Mood backed by Shazam that creates a new marketing solution for businesses to reach their shoppers. We all know Shazam as the best music discovery app available but many people don’t realize the marketing potential with in the popular app. There are over 18 million songs discovered daily within the app with over 70% of shoppers having Shazam on their mobile device. This said its very easy to integrate these actions with a customers in-store experience.

Shazam and Mood Media In-storeWhat is Shazam In-Store?
This solution uses all of the popular technology with Mood’s experienced team to create a mobile marketing solution only Mood and Shazam could offer. The solution produces a completely customized mobile experience to customers devices from within stores. The technology will allow a business to promote special offers with exclusive content and their loyalty programs as well as social media and other solutions. Since Shazam already has over 475 million global users the structure is already in place without businesses needing to create or change their own mobile apps.

How does Shazam In-Store Work?
This new mobile in-store marketing solution works by engaging shoppers through the in-store music they already have assuming they already have Mood service in their stores using their “Presence” technology. We aren’t sure yet if this is available to businesses that use a music solution not provided by Mood. The way it works from a shoppers stand point is actually quite easy. Without getting too technical the shopper will walk into the store and Shazam the overhead music, the “Presence” technology has an inaudible sound coming over the speakers that triggers the businesses content directly to them through their smartphone (of course the music discovery will also complete as normal).

Only time will tell if this takes off or not although it seems to be a nice solutions for those already using Mood as their in-store music solution since everything is already in place. For more details on Shazam In-Store you would have to go to Mood’s site in the source below and contact them.

Update: Mood has released a video that can be Shazamed to see a live demo of how it works.  Play the video below and go ahead and give it a shot.  Make sure you have the newest release of Shazam downloaded to get the Shazam In-store experience on your device through the following video.

Official Press Release

AUSTIN and NEW YORK, Nov. 24, 2014 – Mood Media Corporation, the global leader in Experience Design, today announced a new partnership with Shazam that includes the official launch of Shazam In-Store, a location-based mobile marketing product combining the power of Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, with the strength of Mood’s proprietary Presence technology.

Shazam-In Store, part of Shazam’s larger expansion strategy into consumer-facing environments, is integrated into the existing Shazam app and offers brands the opportunity to connect to Shazam’s more than 100 million monthly active users. The solution is the first to use Mood’s Presence signal, and connects to consumers’ devices via an inaudible digital watermark through retailers’ overhead music systems. In order for it to connect, first, a customer must activate the Shazam app to identify a song or audio message. Then, the app will recognize the watermark and deliver the requested song information and the business’ targeted content directly to the customer’s mobile device. Read more…