Poetic Revolution Nexus 9 Case Review

The Poetic Revolution case is a superior protective case for the Nexus 9 consisting of a TPU skin and solid polycarbonate shell.


The Poetic Revolution Case for the Nexus 9 Tablet is a perfect case for protecting your tablet from drops and even spills. The case itself combines a tough polycarbonate shell with a hybrid TPU skin making it solid in look and feel. Many of us travel with our tablets and don’t want a small drop to result in a $400+ paper weight. With all of the cases out there how do you pick the best one for you? Honestly its all about how you will use the case and the amount of protection your think you need.

Nexus 9 Protective CaseNexus 9 Poetic Revolution Case Design
The design of the Revolution case is rather nice since it covers your Nexus 9 all the way around including the screen itself with the built in screen protector. The Revolution case also comes in several different colors including black, white, pink, and blue. As stated earlier it has a hybrid TPU skin with a hard shell polycarbonate snapping around it. Everything seals up quite nice allowing protection from splash and dust as well as drops on hard surfaces. There are covers for all areas you will need to get to i.e. micro USB and headphone jack. The only negative aspect that we see is the power and volume rocker being solid buttons that are a little tight. What this means is you have to put a little more pressure on them to make them click. Other than that you will notice that all cutouts including the camera are precise. You may also notice that on the back of the case there are rubber pads so you can set the tablet down without risk of it sliding off of any surface.

Nexus 9 Poetic Revolution Case Protection
This is a case you will want on your Nexus 9 if you think it will ever be dropped as it offers superior protection against drops. The polycarbonate shell takes the hit and protects against scratches while the TPU absorbed most of the shock. Together these will only allow for a slight vibration to hit the actual tablet itself and will in most cases keep your tablet working like new even after several drops. Another part that adds to protection is the fact that it has a built in screen protector that is thicker and more durable than your standard aftermarket screen protectors for the Nexus 9. This will protect against scratches and leave your screen looking new forever. The only negatives we see here are the scratches that the built in screen protector will get unlike say a tempered glass. This said scratches will only show if you actually drop or slide something rough across it thus performing its duty. Like any other tough case that adds this level of protection it does add a little bulk to the tablet as well as added weight.

The Revolution Nexus 9 case is the nicest looking and most protective case for this tablet to date and allows you to put your tablet through extreme situations without risk of damage. It feels solid in your hand and is quite stylish. If you are interested in this case you can find out more at Poetic Cases.  The Poetic Revolution Case for the Nexus 9 will set you back $34.95.

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  1. What is the circle cut out on the bottom for? I have this case and can't figure it out. It makes it look like an ipad.

    • There is a notification LED down there that is within that area. When you plug it in to charge look at the cutout and you will see a light blink 🙂