Simple Trick to speed up any Android device

Easy way to make your Android device much faster without rooting it or installing any apps.


With an operating system as easy to customize as Android how do you make it faster without adding yet another app or having to root your phone. The average user doesn’t want to take the risk of damaging their phone and I don’t blame them, even with my knowledge of Android I have bricked a phone or two. Speed is king and in most cases you need to root your phone to increase it although this simple trick will speed up your Android device with just a few easy steps.

speed up android transitionsThis will increase your Android phone or tablets speeds noticeably and is probably the easiest and stress free solution you will ever find. This will also work on phones both old and new so you can revive that old Nexus 4 or just speed up your Nexus 6 or Samsung Galaxy whatever.

How to Safely Speed up your Android Device using its Developer Tools

Step 1: Access the hidden “developer options” that will show up in the phones settings. To do this you need to access your phones settings and scroll down until you find “About phone”, tap it. Next you will look for the section that says “Build number”. Tap the Build number area repeatedly 7 times until it says Developer Tools is unlocked. Now hit the back button on your device.

Step 2: Access “Developer Tools” from within your settings. Now you should be able to scroll down within your settings and see “Developer Tools” tap this and scroll down until you find:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • animator animation scale

Step 3: Each of these should be set to 1x by default so what you need to do is select each one by tapping on them and change the 1x to .5x. For a real increase in speed you can change this to no animation although you will lose all of the smooth transitions between windows and apps and you might not like that experience.

This simple change will decrease the time it takes when moving between apps, opening them and even when opening the app drawer and running apps. This is a harmless and completely safe way to increase the speed of your Android device without root access or third party apps. The settings are already there they just aren’t front and center or even really mentioned very much.

Within the Developer tools there are several other things that can be done to speed up your device although this is the only one I can guarantee to be safe without any chance of negative impact. If you have any issues with the process or need some help feel free to drop us a line in the comments below.