Spigen Slim Armor Nexus 6 Case Review

Spigen makes some of the best protective form fitting cases available for the Nexus 6


The Google Nexus 6 is a very large phone and its hard to find a case that keeps it protected without making it too big to carry and the Spigen Slim Armor case is one of those cases. You want protection against dropping without the added bulk most protective cases add including not only size but weight. While the Slim Armor case isn’t as protective as say an Otterbox case it does add medium protection and keeps the slim form of the Nexus 6.

Spigen Slim Armor Nexus 6 CaseNexus 6 Slim Armor Case Design
The Spigen Slim Armor case matches the Nexus 6 curves and fits the device with its rounded corners almost as a hard skin. The design effectively keeps the Nexus 6 dimensions without the added weight or size you might assume with any level of protection. This case as always with Spigen cases is a two part case with the interior matte TPU layer that adds the protection against drops with its shock absorption and its outer hard polycarbonate shell for additional protections and solid build. The raised front bevel the case adds around the Nexus 6 allows the device to sit face down without the risk of scratching the screen although we still recommend a screen protector and even more so tempered glass for best protection.

Based on the two part build the case has a rather nice two toned design coming in a few different colors. The cutouts are also precise and give easy access to the headphone jack and microUSB ports. One con to this case is the way the power button and volume rocker coverings are designed. With the Nexus 6 having the buttons in the middle of the right side of the device they are hard enough to find without the cases flush button design. One added benefit to the case though is the fact that unlike most other protective cases it has a built in kickstand. Since the Nexus 6 is a larger phone its nice to be able to set the phone upright with a kickstand when watching videos.

Nexus 6 Slim Armor Case Protection
As mentioned earlier in the design of the case the two layer design is what gives the case its mid range protection. The outer polycarbonate shell protects against scratches and the inner TPU layer gives it mid to high level impact resistance. We historically have been Spigen users and with numerous drops the cases have proven themselves to be as protective as they state them to be.

Slim Armor Case Final Thoughts
While we have historically been partial to Spigen cases the Nexus 6 is a very large phone and this case while offering good protection against drops has a very smooth polycarbonate shell that makes it harder to grip than most cases. This means that you will likely be testing the protection at least once in the life of the phone. The kickstand also feels a little flimsy to us. These cons said the case is perfect for anyone looking for protection but aren’t normally inclined to put a case on your phone. We love the look of the case and the added protection is more of a bonus than a feature.  Its also worth noting that at $25 its hard to find any protection let alone a case for the Nexus 6 of this caliber. This is still one of the top 5 Nexus 6 cases currently and is worth looking at when making a decision.

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