Urban Armor Gear Nexus 6 Case Review

The Best rugged case for the Nexus 6 smartphone is easily the Urban Armor Gear Maverick case.


We have been running through cases trying to find the best rugged case for such a large phone as the Nexus 6 and have settled on the Urban Armor Gear Maverick case. This is the first time we have used let alone reviewed any UAG case as we are usually partial to Spigen products. In this case the UAG Maverick beat out all of our previous expectations of a rugged protective case. That said you can go ahead and read on knowing that the end result is approved by Android Advice.

Nexus 6 Rugged CaseWith a smartphone the size of the Nexus 6 we wanted the rugged protection of a case but weren’t sure we would be able to find one that does it justice while keeping the device as light and thin as possible. We rarely drop our phones especially with most of them just sitting on a desk for reviews and modding but just the same rugged is important for high end high priced devices just to be safe.

Nexus 6 Urban Armor Gear Maverick Case Design
The case itself consists of a hardshell plastic with all impact points made of a TPU plastic material. The raised bevel on the front of the case allows you to set the phone face down without risk of scratching. That with the included standard screen protecter keeps the screen clean and clear. One great feature of the case is the fact that the power and volume buttons are raised and covered in away that keeps the buttons easily pressed without added pressure over uncovered buttons.

All said the case is first and foremost a protective case although the design makes it feel as though you bought it for style and not protection. The clear plastic has a honeycomb look with the plastic raised in six sections making it easier to grip your Nexus 6 from any angle. These raised areas also have a rubber rivet styled fake screw to make the case look a little more like a tough case. The camera, headphone and microUSB ports are cut precisely allowing easy access as well as clean style.

Nexus 6 Urban Armor Gear Maverick Case Protection
The UAG case for the Nexus 6 offers some of the best protection of any case you can get for the smartphone with its military standard drop tests, shock absorption and complete covering of the device. As stated earlier the raised edges around the screen help protect against flat face drops as well as the TPU on all edges protecting the rest of the device. While there is an included screen protector it is just a standard thin flimsy plastic and we still recommend a tempered glass to completely protect the device. With the textured raised back and rubber rivets holding the device is easier as well which reduces the chances of dropping your Nexus 6 in the first place which lets be honest is the overall goal.

UAG Maverick Case Final Thoughts
This case offers some of the best protection available as well as style that is a no brainer when comparing to other rugged cases for the Nexus 6. This is and will be the only case on my daily used Nexus 6 and I have already had many people as where to get this case simply because of its stylish design. You can get the UAG Maverick Nexus 6 cases for around $40 which is another reason to think hard about this case over the more expensive alternatives.

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