Daydream Blue Game Guide for Google Daydream VR

Daydream Blue tutorial/guide to help with those tough to figure out tasks in the game.


Daydream Blue is a game developed to take advantage of Google’s new Daydream VR headset and its remote control. It’s one of the most entertaining games available for Daydream VR currently and the incredible graphics will keep you excited for more. You will find yourself forgetting about the world around you.  Here are a few hints to achieving certain tasks in game.

If your looking for getting started with Daydream Blue as in the basic mechanics of the game itself you may want to visit their forum post “Getting Started with DayDream Blue” before beginning this article.

Daydream Blue Tutorials

How to fish in Daydream Blue
Fishing is one of the things that took a while to figure out because within the game there are simple instructions.  Most of the game is about exploring and discovery although a little help is nice sometimes. Casting seemed easy enough but once a fish was on the line, whats next?
  1. Pick up the fishing rod by selecting and clicking on it with the remote
  2. Cast by lifting the remote up and placing the perforated circle where you want to cast (hint: select a spot with white water splashing) click the remote pad and flick your wrist.
  3. Wait for a fish to grab your line and a circle to highlight around the line in the water.
  4. The line will move wherever the fish goes and you have no control over this. What you need to do is keep the colored circle with the fish.
  5. Clicking on the trackpad of the remote will bring the circle closer to you and lifting your finger off will make the circle move away from you.
  6. As the circle tightens around the fishing line you can click to reel in the fish. If while reeling in the circle grows again you need to repeat from step 4.
  7. Once you bring the fish all the way to you it will pull it out of the water.
  8. Click the fish to grab it and set the rod down. From here you can swipe down to put the fish in your backpack or throw it back by clicking and flicking your wrist at the water.
  9. Congrats! Fishing is a great way to get credits in the game.

Hint: while fishing you will find items in the water other than fish periodically like a mailbox house that add a bit more to the game. Fishing is peaceful and fun as well as a major part of early objectives.

How to Play the stone skipping mini game in Daydream Blue
Stone skipping is rather easy in the game. Figuring out the sequence to hit all poles can take a little effort at first until you figure out how it works.
  1. First pick up a stone and then look a little to the left for a start button to begin the mini game.
  2. Once the poles come up out of the water throw your stone at one of them and pay attention to what poles it does not hit.
  3. Look down and pick up another stone and hit one of the poles that were missed previously.
  4. Repeat until the stone bounces off every pole and the next set of poles come up.
  5. Congrats! Stone Skipping is fun and does make a little extra credits.
How to Golf in Daydream Blue
Golfing is something that can be done early in the game although you need to make the golf ball first in your fire.  When you hold the ball in your hand a tee will appear on the ground. Figuring out how to start a game of golf is the hardest part of this task.
  1. Once you have made your golf ball you are ready to golf.  Next look up at the sky in front of you.
  2. You will notice words in the sky asking you to throw the golf ball at it, do it! do it!
  3. Once you have thrown the golf ball into the sky you will notice a “9” and an “18” on either side. Choose the game length you would like and hit the golf ball into the corresponding hole.
  4. Hitting the golf ball is easy, just click anywhere with your remote and while holding down on the remote point the arrow and make it longer to hit harder or shorter to hit softer.
  5. Play around a bit to figure out the strengths and angles and have fun.
  6. Congrats! Golfing is a great way to get credits in the game.
How to feed Ralph a Fish in Daydream Blue
This took me a while to figure out because every time I threw a fish at my little robot buddy it just bounced off of him and he ran. The one thing they forget to tell you is that he wants the fish cooked first which makes total sense.
  1. First you need to go fishing if you haven’t already and get a fish for ralph.
  2. Go to your fire pit and throw a log in and then throw your fish in with the log.
  3. Light the log with a match and keep your curser on the fish until you see credits for completing the task.
  4. Pick up the fish immediately after you see the credits as ralph will not eat an over cooked fish.
  5. Call ralph over to you and throw the cooked fish at him and he will now eat it.

Hint: if Ralph spits out the fish it means you overcooked it and need to start over and cook another fish for him.

Daydream Blue is a lot of fun and we will likely be playing this for a while.  As we try new mini games and items come available in game we will update this guide. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below and we will jump into the virtual world, find the answer, and add it here.